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Php and MySQL

"People are not your most important asset. The right people are" - Jim collins

Finding the right people, is our most challengeable task, we do as part of team building activity. We at Kiluvai, as per our talent acquisition strategy, we always focus on talent the candidate possess, good attitude and aptitude, we give less importance to their educational qualifications and experience.

We donot conduct interviews, but instead, we give opportunity to show case their talent. we build relationship with potential candidate by giving tips and advices, which enables them to come close to us. This bonding help us identify the right people for our team.

Once we identify the right people, we help them improve their skills by understanding their current skills and capabilities, what is needed for them to perform well, current gap between two and their priorities.

As part of our startegic talent acquisition plan, we have identified potential freshers and training them on web development basics (read more on training topics covered here), through this training, we would have opportunity to interact with them, to analyse their aptitude and attitude. After completing the training, we would select the right people for our team. This will be on-going activity on each quarter. This is a win-win strategy, as trainee may get selected by us, otherwise, knowledge he gained from us, will help him perform in their future interviews.

Our training is ongoing activity, we train people in our organisation on Drupal, Advance Programming in PHP, Object oriented programming, MVC design pattern, RDBMS, BootStrap, Angularjs etc. 

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