Check Broken links from the Drupal site using Link checker module

Praveen Srinivasan 0

Broken links in a web page creates bad impression in SEO. And we cannot do manual check all links whether it is alive or broken, if we have thousands of web pages in our website. Can you imagine how much time it would take to find manually those broken links, so if we have some program to do this for us on a scheduled interval, would be fine. The same requirement is came from one of our client. To do so we searched google to find a module that finds broken links in the drupal website.

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Nanda Kumar 6

We have built a website using Drupal, One of my client requirement is to show content, based on his permission. So we have used Nodeaccess ( module.

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Exclude a node from being searched in Drupal website

Praveen Srinivasan 283

Let's assume that we have a drupal website and we have search (Search API) option on it. We will do search and drupal will get the search result from index. Now we had a special requirement, i.e we need to exclude a page from search result not a entire content type. This means we need to exclude a page from being searched.

To achieve this we found a module Search Exclude nid, this is usefull if you have very limited no of node to exclude.

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How we build our development team - The Champions

kamal 0

"People are not your most important asset. The right people are" - Jim collins

Finding the right people, is our most challengeable task, we do as part of team building activity. We at Kiluvai, as per our talent acquisition strategy, we always focus on talent the candidate possess, good attitude and aptitude, we give less importance to their educational qualifications and experience.

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Drupal 8 Logo

How Drupal 8 can benefit your website

kamal 436

First, We should congratulate and appreciate the effort gone in to release Drupal 8 by the Drupal community.

This was a long waited release, and at Kiluvai, we are very happy that, today, we have a stable and first release of Drupal 8.0

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How Drupal Development company can help you on building your website?

naresh 411

If you are planning to build or revamp your company’s website, you will have number of open source CMS are available today. But i want to take this opportunity to elaborate you, why Drupal is top player in CMS category and How a Drupal development company will help you to meet the demands in digital media.

Drupal Development company

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11th Open Source india 2014, Bengaluru

naresh 1

I was lucky to attended my Open Source days(OSI Days) on 7.11.2014 morning in Bengaluru, India. Its interesting to compare any other meetup i have attended. I was impressed in venue to find Crowd is younger, older and more tech savvy. Many of them work for small companies or startups. Because of these hybrid roles, the host team used the term “Opensource” to refer to a broad grouping of people who are involved with Open Source with minded to contribute technically and non-technically.

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Cache_form table grows huge in Drupal

kamal 4

Investigation of why Drupal database grows huge in production and how to address the issue.

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Tabs responsive on different gadgets

Tabs responsive on different gadgets

Nanda Kumar 4

Here is a example how to make a tab component responsive to different devices view port width. Here the requirement was, there shall be more tabs(numbers of tabs is dynamic), where the width of each tab is different. When the tabs is viewed on different devices, it should automatically accomodate tabs which fits to the available view port width and others can be shown as dropdown. And always active tab shall be shown as first tab.

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Why Drupal is Powerful

Why Drupal is Powerful

naresh 0

Drupal is powerful, does not so much see itself as a content management system, but more as a content management framework. This means, it can be used to build any type of web application – website, E-commerce, web portal – including a content management system. To put it simply, there is nothing that can't be built in PHP (Facebook for example), that can't be built with Drupal.  It's Secure  Since Drupal is built as an Open Source platform, 

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